It's All In The Details


Macro / Micro

The inspection begins on the outside of the home with numerous trips around the exterior from a distance to look at the home on a 'macro' scale. Then the inspector switches gears to look at the details up close, on a 'micro' level. This includes the roof, the drainage, the exterior envelope as well as structural items likes foundations, retaining walls and decks.


Top Down Approach

Upon entering the home we work with a 'top down' approach. Beginning at the very top is the attic space. If the inspector can fit, we always enter the space to see as much as possible. From insulation to ventilation, there is a lot to learn when inspecting the attic.


Test, Test, Test

Continuing from the top to the bottom we begin testing and inspecting the systems of the home that include the plumbing, the electrical, the heating and the cooling, as well as doors and windows in each room and everything in between.


Scope Of Inspection

The latest version of the "Scope of Inspection" standard can be found here -